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Sustainable Equestrian Facility Program

The basic objective of the Sustainable Equestrian Facility Program is to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, create healthy, productive environments, and inform the public, residents, guests, clients and employees about the benefits of sustainably managed equestrian facilities.

Audubon-ISC Seal-CertifiedISC-Audubon assists equestrian facility managers, staff, and planners who desire to manage and operate their equestrian facilities sustainably. The program is geared toward assisting those seeking to become local, regional, national and international models of sustainability by incorporating sustainable principles, concepts, and management strategies.

Once a facility meets all of the requirements of the program which include adopting a Sustainability Charter, and completion of the Sustainability Audit, we will brand the facility as an Audubon Lifestyles Equestrian Facility. In addition, based upon the  score earned in the Sustainability Audit the facility will be awarded between one and five stars, and earn the right to use the International Sustainability Council’s Seal of Sustainability.

  • The program is available to any existing or planned equestrian facility.
  • Our approach is an integrated, holistic approach that positively impacts all aspects of an Equestrian Facility.
  • As equestrian amenities become more popular at communities and resorts worldwide, real estate developers are discovering that a truly sustainable equestrian amenity involves a comprehensive approach from beginning to end.

Program Requirements

Sustainability Charter
The facility must adopt and publicly display their Sustainability Charter. The Sustainability Charter (provided by Audubon Lifestyles) sets out the specific actions that are above and beyond the scope of normal operation that encourage sustainable living and lifestyles, and serves as a public declaration of those actions. The Sustainable Charter is an affirmation of the International Sustainability Council’s Principles of Sustainability. 
Nutrient Management Plan
The facility must have or develop a nutrient management plan (NMP) that addresses the nutrient, sediment, or pathogen discharges produced at their equestrian facility. A nutrient management plan helps to manage commercial fertilizer and animal manure input costs. It also helps facilities to do their part to improve surface water quality. A nutrient management plan for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should consider all potential sources of nutrients.

Completion of the Audubon Lifestyles Equestrian Facility Audit
The Audubon Lifestyles Equestrian Facility Audit allows for the rating of the level of sustainability an equestrian facility is striving to achieve. The sustainability audit includes five sections: Economics & Business, Horse Care & Safety, Facility & Operations, Environmental, and Outreach & Education, and provides multiple opportunities to receive credit for specific sustainable actions taken, or management strategies implemented. Upon meeting the minimum points required in each section the total score is calculated and the facility will be awarded either a one to five star rating.

Additional requirements

  • The  facility must require that all persons under the age of 18 wear ASTM/SEI- approved helmets while mounted
  • Horses at the facility must have access to clean, fresh water at all times.
  • There is no barbed wire anywhere horses are contained on the facility.
  • The facility policies include a requirement for proof of negative Coggins test for all horses visiting or living in the facility.

Read the store about The Oaks Equestrian Center becoming the first Five Star Audubon Lifestyles Sustainable Equestrian Facility featured in the Fall 2009 Issue of Florida Green Building Magazine.

Read the March 2009 Press Release | "Audubon Lifestyles Partners with Equestrian Services LLC and the International Sustainability Council to develop a Sustainable Equestrian Facility Program"

Sustainable Equestrian Facility Program - Overview
Sustainable Equestrian Facility Program - Registration Form
Sustainable Equestrian Facility Program - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Sustainable Equestrian Facility Program - Overview of a Nutrient Management Plan

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The Sustainable Equestrian Facility Program was created through a collaborative process that involved experts in the fields of equestrian facility management, wildlife management, and sustainability.  This includesd but not limited to individuals representing ISC-Audubon, Equestrian Services LLC, and the International Sustainability Council. 

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Sponsors are a critically important part to the success of ISC-Audubon. As a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating sustainability, we offer all of our programs to our members free of charge, and are publicly available for download on our website.

ISC-Audubon is proud to extend the opportunity to select businesses and organizations to become sponsors of our sustainability education and advocacy programs. As a sponsor, your business or organization can realize significant value.

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A Coalition for Good - Spreading the Seeds of Sustainability

ISC-Audubon is a coalition of non-profit organizations and initiatives that include The International Sustainability Council (ISC), Audubon Lifestyles, Audubon Outdoors, Planit Green, Broadcast Audubon, and the Audubon Network for Sustainability. 

Funds generated through memberships and donations are used to provide fruit & vegetable seeds, wildflower seed mix, and wildlife feed & birdseed to urban and suburban communities around the world. These seeds are used by communities to establish fruit and vegetable gardens, bird and wildlife sanctuaries, and for the beautification of urban and suburban landscapes by creating flower and native plant gardens.

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